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The Last of Us: Left Behind is a 2014 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a downloadable expansion pack to the 2013 game The Last of Us. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game switches between two stories: the first, set three weeks before the events of The Last of Us, follows Ellie as she spends time with her best friend Riley.

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Left Behind, Ellie'ye odaklanan bir bölümdür ve oyuncuların tamamlaması 2 ila 4 saat sürer. The Last of Us Seslendirme Sanatçıları ve Oyuncu Kadrosu. The Last of Us karakterlerine hayat veren oyuncu kadrosu, Naughty Dog ve iki ana karaktere Joel ve Ellie canlandırmalarıyla birçok ödül kazandırdı.

The Last Of Us Left Behind Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave

The Last of Us: Created by Neil Druckmann, Craig Mazin. With Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Anna Torv, Gabriel Luna. After a global pandemic destroys civilization, a hardened survivor takes charge of a 14-year-old girl who may be humanity's last hope.

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Left Behind: Directed by Liza Johnson. With Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Storm Reid, Terry Chen. As Joel fights to survive, Ellie looks back on the night that changed everything.

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"Left Behind" is the seventh episode of the first season of the American post-apocalyptic drama television series The Last of Us. The episode was written by series co-creator Neil Druckmann and directed by Liza Johnson.It aired on HBO on February 26, 2023. In the episode, Ellie (Bella Ramsey) searches for supplies to save Joel.A flashback follows Ellie as she spends time with her best friend.

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Left Behind costs £11.99 on its own or £15.99 as part of The Last of Us season pass, and my initial play-through on hard difficulty, in which I unearthed every collectable but missed some of the.

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Linear Action Adventure. The Last of Us: Left Behind. 88. Ellie returns as new light is shed on her relationship with Riley, her best friend from the military boarding school in which they both grew up. After inexplicably disappearing for weeks, Riley reappears in Ellie's life with a surprising revelation. The two sneak out of their school.

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The Last of Us: Left Behind: With Ilmar Molder. 20 years after a pandemic destroyed the United States, Joel gets the task of taking Ellie into a nation-wide adventure to unveil a secret that can save humanity.

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Last of Us da Joel can çekişirken Ellie ne yapıyordu, geçmişe dönüp hikayeleri aydınlatıyoruz. Beğenirseniz pek sevinirim :) Canlı yayınlar Ptesi - Salı - Pe.

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Left Behind is a 2014 expansion for The Last of Us that would later be purchasable as a standalone release. It's set in the middle of The Last of Us, as Ellie hunts for medical supplies for Joel.

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Dijital Lüks Paket. The Last of Us™ Part I Dijital Deluxe Sürüm şunları içerir: The Last of Us tek oyunculu hikâye modu ve Left Behind ana hikâye öncesi bölümü. Şu oyun içi ögeler erkenden açılır: Artırılmış Üretim Hızı Yeteneği. Artırılmış İyileşme Hızı Yeteneği. 9mm Cephane Doldurma Hızı Artırma.

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You've waited long enough. Left Behind, TLoU's lone single-player DLC, comes out in mere hours. Here's a new trailer to hold you over.

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The last of us bitti ama 2 saatlik left behind ek paketini oynuyoruz. BU bölümden sonra 1 bölüm daha var ve bitiyor. Ellie ile oyunun eksiklerini göreceğiz..

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The gameplay of The Last of Us: Left Behind is similar to the basic gameplay of The Last of Us.It is an action-adventure game that uses a third-person perspective.The game involves gunfights, melee combat, and a cover system. Players control Ellie.An added feature in combat is the ability to focus the attention of the Infected towards human enemies, by throwing objects to distract them.

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Left Behind is an extremely important part of this story narrative. It terms of context, I would say it's essential in pursuit of best understanding the story of Ellie and how she fits into the story. If you love the game, you need to play it. It'll give you some crucial enlightenment you're missing.

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The Last of Us is largely predicated not only on fighting, but on exploring. Left Behind's explorative qualities and sense of discovery are fully carried over from the core game, and I wanted to.