14 Best FREE Online Pitch Changers & Pitch Shifters

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Download. The Pitch Changer online tool allows you to change the pitch of any audio file to desired semitones while maintaining its tempo. The pitch shifter changes the pitch of any song by increasing to positive or decreasing to negative 24 semitones. Upload your audio, increase or decrease pitch to correct semitones then preview the pitch.

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Free Online Pitch Shifter. This app changes the song pitch and/or playback speed using one of the best pitch shifting algorithms. The musical key, scale, and bpm will be automatically detected. You can easily transpose music to a different key and change the tempo by adjusting the pitch shifter key and bpm sliders.

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Free browser-based pitch changer to increase or lower pitch of songs or audio for music practice or content creation.. Drag the slider down to lower pitch of the song. Step 3: Download the new version in your desired file format.. this is an MP3 pitch changer. The pitch changer tool is suitable for a variety of common files, including MP3.

14 FREE Online Pitch Changer & Pitch Shifter Apps (2023)

This is a free web service that allows you to change the tempo of any audio file of your choice while maintaining its pitch. If you feel like a song is too slow for you, you can easily speed it up without changing its key. You can also slow a song down which can be useful if you want to transcribe a song. Slow it down to a comfortable tempo for.

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Features: - Pitch changer- change song pitch up or down. - Music speed changer - change playback audio speed to a % of original speed. - Music looper - precisely set loop points. - Waveform view - pinch and zoom for more accuracy. - Open various formats of audio files from your Android device (mp3 etc…..) - Play instantly with real-time.

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Rating: 4.2/5. Price: Free. Download. This freeware can be used to change the audio key or pitch of the audio file along with the speed. Both can be changed independently. A local file can be selected or a remote file location for a particular conversion can be entered. Email notifications of the converted files can be obtained.

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Maztr's free online Audio Pitch Editor is a quick and easy tool you can use right in your browser, without downloading any software, to edit the pitch of your audio files. No account or login is required to use it. It can increase or decrease the pitch of your audio files by any amount you choose using cents, semitones or octaves, without changing the tempo.

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After you finish editing, pick a format (mp3, m4a, m4r, flac, or wav) and click "Save" to download the file. Our free pitch shifter app allows you to shift the key of music keys without signing up or suffering through ads.

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Download This. The ability to change the tempo or tempo/pitch of audio material, as MP3 Speed (free) allows you to do, can be very handy. For instance, musicians can slow down songs to learn fast.

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Pitch Switch is the fast, easy way to change the tempo or key of virtually any music file on PC or Mac. Just open up your favorite music and use the "Pitch" and "Tempo" sliders. Like magic your songs are automatically adjusted to suit your needs, right before your ears! Free Trial. Buy Now.

14 Best FREE Online Pitch Changers & Pitch Shifters

Song Surgeon features the first online service for changing pitch, key and tempo. This service is free and supports most major audio file formats.. mp3, .wav, m4a, wma, flac (60 Mb or smaller) Step 2:. Pitch or Key Change 0. Pitch changes are expressed in semi-tones (1/2 steps) such as 1, 2, -1, etc, or cents (.01).

14 Best FREE Online Pitch Changers & Pitch Shifters

5 MP3 Pitch Changer Online Websites. Online tools offer the flexibility of managing tasks without waiting for downloads and installing software. Here are the five best MP3 pitch changers that you can access online.. Free and online access; Adjust the pitch, tempo, and speed of the audio; It uses advanced AI technology to separate vocals.

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4. TimeStretch Audio Player. The TimeStretch Player is a free online audio player for looping, speeding up, slowing down, and pitch shifting audio files. Allows you to adjust the pitch, speed, and tune independently. Export to WAV or MP3. Offline Mode Available. Website.

14 FREE Online Pitch Changer & Pitch Shifter Apps (2023)

Change the tempo while maintaining the pitch of any song with this free tool.. Tempo Changer Supported file formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC. Max file size 50MB. upload_file. Upload Audio. edit. Edit Tempo. edit. Edit Tempo. fast_rewind. play_circle. Play. fast_forward. upload_file. Upload. file_download. Download. speed. Free Tempo Changer.

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Choose the MP3 file for which you want to change the pitch and frequency. Select the pitch in semitones. Select the speed change in percent. Select the audio format (MP3, WAV, M4A) and audio quality (optional). Click on "Start conversion" to change the pitch and speed. Download your converted file.

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Enhance your music experience with the Pitch Changer & Shifter. Customize your audio in a few clicks with Pitch Changer feature. Utilize the advanced pitch shifter to effortlessly transform the key of your music or vocals, unlock new creative possibilities, and improve your practice sessions. Start Free.