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Last but not least definition: . See examples of LAST BUT NOT LEAST used in a sentence.

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Julius Caesar Act III, Scene I, "Though last, not least in love.". As an expression, it appears to have been around the block for quite some time. Last but not least Origin and History - The earliest citation for this now well-worn phrase appears to be from John Lyly Euphues and His England (1580) "last, but not the least", closely.

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last but not least meaning: something that you say to introduce the last person or thing on a list: . Learn more.

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LAST BUT NOT LEAST definition: 1. importantly, despite being mentioned after everyone else: 2. importantly, despite being…. Learn more.

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1. Finally. The word "finally" serves as a suitable substitute for "last but not least" in many situations. It denotes the last item or point in a sequence or list. However, unlike "last but not least," "finally" does not necessarily imply that the final item holds equal importance or significance as the preceding ones.

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last but not least often followed by a comma. An expression to start the last item of a list, emphasising that while it is listed last, it is just as important as the rest of the items. Synonyms [edit] and of course; Translations [edit] An expression to start the last item of a list.

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Idiom: last but not least Meaning. Idiom: last but not least. something that's equally as important as other things even though it's the last thing mentioned; Example sentences — Last but not least, I want to thank my assistant for helping to organize this conference. — During my vacation I went to London, Paris and last but not least.

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Not Much to Look At. When Hell Freezes Over. Meaning of Idiom 'Last but Not Least' Last but not least means last in a sequence, but not least in importance. In a long list of people being mentioned or introduced, the last person may be referred to as last but not least. This idiom is also applied to the last in a list of items,

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Coming last in order but nevertheless important.. Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

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last but not least. L. last but not least. Meaning. someone or something that is last in sequence, but not less in importance. important, despite being mentioned at the end. emphasizing that the item mentioned last in a list is equal in importance to the others. as important as other in spite of being listed last. Example Sentences.

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last but not least. phrase. You use last but not least to say that the last person or thing to be mentioned is as important as all the others..her four sons, Christopher, twins Daniel and Nicholas, and last but not least 2-year-old Jack. See full dictionary entry for least.

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Last But Not Least Meaning. Definition: The last item on a list but not necessarily the least important item on the list. Items on a list are often listed in order of importance, meaning that people often believe that the last item is the least important. This expression emphasizes that this is not the case.

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The origin of last but not least is uncertain - the first reference to it that I can find in print is from John Lyly's Euphues and His England, 1580. I have heard oftentimes that in love there are three things for to be used: if time serve, violence, if wealth be great, gold, if necessity compel, sorcery. But of these three but one can stand me.

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Example of Use: "Last but not least, I'd like to introduce my grandmother, Rosie." Interesting fact about Last but Not Least The idea, if not the phrase 'last but not least,' may originate in the Bible, where in John Wyclif's 1382 version of Matthew, 19:30, the statement "the firste the laste, and the laste the firste" can be found.

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• Last but not least, let me introduce Jane, our new accountant. • And, last but not least, my cousin Bishop Malduin of Kinrimund with, no doubt, his stepson Colban. • And last but not least, the baby of the family. • And last but not least, there are all those damn kids sharing files and scaring the media moguls shiftless.

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last but not least: 1 adv in addition to all the foregoing Synonyms: last not least