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The Ford Focus (first generation) is a compact car that was manufactured by Ford in Europe from 1998 to 2004 and by Ford in North America from 1998 to 2007. Ford began sales of the Focus to Europe in July 1998 and in North America during 1999 for the 2000 model year.Manufacturing in Argentina continued until 2008, and it was still on sale in Brazil until 2009.

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Wheels and tires Ford. Factory tire sizes. All cars wheel fitment and tire size guide. Wheel size (LHD). Все Bridgestone Yokohama Continental Nokian Еще. Year Wheel size Offset Bolt pattern Tire size; Ford FOCUS 2 1,4L: 2004: 15x6.0: 5x108: 195/65R15 205/55R16 205/50R17 225/40R18 2005: 15x6.0: 5x108: 195/65R15 205/55R16.


Posted August 1, 2018. It fully depends on the width of the wheels. On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 Ford used 17 Inch wheels with a width of 6.5 and 7 inch. If the wheels are 7 Inch wide the 215-45-17 tyres can be used without any problems. However 225-45-17 tyres will be a better option because the diameter of this size is almost identical to the 205.

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The car is a ford focus mk2 (preface lift) 2005 2L Automatic. It has 16" alloys with 205/55 tyres as per the manual spec. The car only is used around town and 50mph is all it ever gets to dream of hitting. Really would like a more comfortable soft drive and looking at putting either 185/65 or 195/65 on the 16" alloys .

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Stock standard base tire size for your car the Ford Focus 2.0i II. Model years 2005 to 2011. You can also view the full Ford Focus 2.0i II tire size chart below. Share it! Make / model / modification Year Tire Sizes and Rim Size OEM or Alternate; Ford Focus 2.0i II : 2011 : 195/60 R15: OEM wheels: Ford Focus 2.0i II :

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Share your notes. Ford Focus - Wheel size, PCD, offset, and other specifications such as bolt pattern, thread size (THD), center bore (CB) for all model years Ford Focus. Select the model year or vehicle generation to narrow your search for tire size data.

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I would like to buy a Pirelli Cinturato Allseason P7 Plus with new rims and I'm not entirely sure about the compatibility. My car: Ford Focus Mk2 2006 3door hatchback 1.4 Petrol. Current Tires and Rims: 195/65/R15 x 6,5x15/5x108. New Tires and Rims: 205/55/R16 x 6,5x16/5x108. I've looked up on and it says: Tires: 195 - 205, 50 - 65.

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The rims will take both 225 and 235 tyres. I know practically nothing about the difference - other than the 235 will be slightly wider and have a slightly higher sidewall. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to getting the slightly wider tyre? 225 on the mk2 and 235 on the mk3, are standard on 18 rims. Yep, just wondering if there's any.

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Ford Focus mk2 Tyre Review Highlights. Writing about the Michelin X Ice North 4 given 83% (225-45-18-) Driving on a combination of roads for 6 average miles. Coming from Finland, a country of winter snow and studs. Have these on two cars. - 2007 Focus Cabrio. - 1998 996 C2. In most winnter conditions amazing grip level. However, two shortcomings.

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Looking at some Rota Grids that were fitted to a mk2 to go on my mk3.5, but the tyre size is 225/35/18, my existing tyres are 235/40/18. would it make much difference. Thanks. MK3.5 Focus ST-3 in black. A forum community dedicated to Ford Focus ST owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds.

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Ford Focus tires come in various sizes, including 185/65R14, 195/60R14, 195/60R15, 195/65R15, 205/50R16, 215/55R16, 215/45R17, 215/50R17, 225/50R17, 235/40R18 and 235/35R19. Their specific tire size will depend on the vehicle's year model and trim level.

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Wheel size, PCD, offset, and other specifications such as bolt pattern, thread size (THD), center bore (CB), trim levels for 2011 Ford Focus. Wheel and tire fitment data. Original equipment and alternative options.

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Remember that the "normal" Focus MK2/MK2.5 was never available with factory fitted 19 Inch wheels. The only Focus MK2/MK2.5 that was factory fitted with 19 Inch wheels was the MK2.5 RS. The RS did have tyre size 235/35/19 on a 8J wheel. On a "normal" Focus MK2/MK2.5 tyre size 225/35/18 is often used. 225 mm wide tyres however are too skinny for.

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UK/Ireland Location: Worcestershire. Posted October 25, 2021. Focus ST-Line 2- Reg 1.5 ecoblue. I'm reading a lot of confusing info/opinions on t-internet about tyre replacement and TPMS sensors, exacerbated by what I suspect is a bit of upselling by certain tyre retailers. My usual tyre replacement (non-TPMS) is new tyre, new valve & balance.

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You'll notice that the 205 size has a 50 profile, while the wider 225 size has a lower 45 profile to compensate. Although the 225 is wider, the actual tyre diameter is just 3mm different - which is a lot less than the difference between a brand new tyre and a part-worn tyre! The 205 has a diameter of 637mm while the 225 has a diameter of 634mm.

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The Ford Focus (third generation), also known as the Focus Mk III, (Code name: C346) debuted at the 2010 North American International Auto Show as a 2012 model. The cars shown were a 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback, also debuting a new 2.0-litre direct injection I4 engine. A 5-door estate (wagon) was previewed at the Geneva Motor Show a month later.. This generation of Focus would be the.