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The Red Star Line museum shows a large scale model of SS Friesland amongst others. S.S Belgenland, pamphlet, circa 1925, Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp ★ Departure. Most of the migrants left to escape poverty. In some countries, war, famine, natural disasters, discrimination and persecution further complicated life.

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Two million passengers travelled from Antwerp to North America on board the Red Star Line ships. The museum focuses on their story, on that of the shipping company that transported them and on the city and port from which they embarked on this journey.. RED STAR LINE MUSEUM. Montevideostraat 3. 2000 Antwerp. tel. 03 298 27 70. redstarline.

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Red Star Line museum at Antwerp. The former warehouses of the Red Star Line in Antwerp were designated as a landmark and reopened as a museum on 28 September 2013 by the City of Antwerp. The main focus of the museum is the travel stories that could be retrieved through relatives of the some two million Red Star Line passengers.

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Contact us. Perscommunicatie Cultuur, Stad Antwerpen. [email protected] +32 475 36 71 96. Het Red Star Line Museum nodigt u uit op een bewogen reis in het voetspoor van de landverhuizers. Maak kennis met de passagiers en vergezel hen op.

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The Red Star Line Museum has chosen for cashless payment - both in the shop and at the ticket counter, as well as for activities.. RED STAR LINE MUSEUM. Montevideostraat 3. 2000 Antwerp. tel. 03 298 27 70. [email protected]. Open Tuesday - Sunday: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stay in touch. Press; Partners;

RED STAR LINE MUSEUM, Antwerpen Belgium Flanders

The Red Star Line was founded in 1872 by Philadelphia shipbrokers and Antwerp shipowners. Its first ship, the Vaderland, left on its maiden voyage from Antwerp to Philadelphia on 19 January 1873.

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Or do you decide to come last-minute? No problem at all. The Red Star Line Museum offers something for families with children all year round. Nocturne. Late night opening for students Dutch - 2024. Wednesday 24 April 2024 from 18:00 to 21:00. RED STAR LINE MUSEUM. Montevideostraat 3. 2000 Antwerp. tel. 03 298 27 70. [email protected].

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Antwerp. Over two million passengers sailed from Antwerp on Red Star Line ships between 1873 and 1934, the great majority of them immigrants bound for America. This museum, housed in the very building where those many embarkations took place, is beautifully designed and extremely engaging, telling the story of individual journeys through.

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At the Red Star Line museum, discover the engaging stories of countless emigrants.

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The following general information about the Red Star Line Museum should provide you with just about everything you need for planning your visit: Address. Montevideostraat 3, 2000 Antwerpen ( Google Maps) Opening Times. Tuesday - Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ticket Prices. Adults: €10. 18 and 25 yrs: €6. Under 18: Free.

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Red Star Line Museum: Permanent collection. On the 21st April 2024 (Heritage Day) you can visit numerous museums free of charge. Free entrance tickets can be booked via the websites of the museums. Two million passengers boarded Red Star Line steamers and crossed the ocean from Antwerp to North America. The museum portrays their journey of.

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Located in the renovated "Island" neighborhood of Antwerp, the Red Star Line Museum recounts a 60 year period of emigration from the old world toward the new. It also provides a history lesson on emigration and refugees in general to this day. The displays are in writing and using touch screens and television screens.

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Between 1873 and 1934, the Red Star Line's ocean steamers ferried about 2.6 million adventurers and fortune seekers from Antwerp to New York. For many people, their passage started in the Red Star Line buildings in Antwerp. This museum tells the story of these passengers. The old buildings render their feelings, emotions and experiences.

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