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Vizually Speaking creates individualized, quality, affordable visual aids enabling individuals to communicate, overcome social barriers and improve their overall quality of daily life. Everyone benefits from the use of visual aids and strategies. For a free consultation contact us today: info@vizuallyspeaking.ca

Who can benefit?

EVERYONE benefits from the use of visuals aids and strategies.

Visual aids and strategies are extremely helpful for caregivers or an individual with communication, behaviour, learning challenges, special needs or exceptionalities including but limited to: ...

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Technology is a wonderful tool that has rapidly become a major part of our daily lives. It engages individuals, especially non-verbal, allowing them to communicate and demonstrate what they know ….

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How do visuals aids help?

Effective Visual Aids are one of the greatest assets a person can have. For the user, they are a way to express, understand or process information in a simple way that makes sense to them…

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Visual Aids

Visual Aids may include, but are not limited to, pictures, symbols, line drawings, objects, text, labels, timers and scripts. They support caregivers and an individual to use their visual strength in processing, organizing, remembering, and responding to information….

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2013-05-04 - “Visual learning has been key for me in academics and on the academic front. Visual learning has enabled me to take my passion of rugby to another level. Mapping out guidelines and instructions allow me to not only understand things better but, the information i attain remains available in the long term.“

Parent of PDD child


2013-09-05 - “My son was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder at age 3. He often had tantrums and we couldn’t understand why or what upset him as he was not able to tell us. Once we discovered the benefits of using visuals aids, we implemented them right away in school and at home. It helped him tremendously with coping changes in routine and transitioning from one activity to another. I would strongly recommend using visual aids for any child that has any type of communication disorder.”